Magazines in grocery stores make money for their publishers in two main ways; (1) Direct sales and (2) selling advertisements. You may want to offer your e-mag for free to maximize its circulation or you may want to sell it if your content is particularly appealing, insightful or includes personalities in demand.

The thought of making an e-magazine can seem absolutely daunting at first, especially when you think of having monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly issues. There are a few ways to reduce the burden and some key points to understand. Our e-magazine team works with you to greatly reduce the burden of developing the contents for your e-magazine.

In the most general sense, magazines can be broken down into three parts; The cover, the contents and the back cover. But before determining the number of pages for your e-magazine, you should first answer two questions.

1. Who are you hoping to reach with your e-mag?
2. What do you need to show them to compel them to take action?

Yes. You can sell your e-magazine, just like a regular magazine. We help you set the price and we help you determine what early pages to show visitors for free to entice them to subscribe and automatically buy each issue you release. We then place each issue of your e-magazine on an online magazine stand that has more than 20 million readers per month.