The thought of making an e-magazine can seem absolutely daunting at first, especially when you think of having monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly issues. There are a few ways to reduce the burden and some key points to understand. Our e-magazine team works with you to greatly reduce the burden of developing the contents for your e-magazine.

We use a few methods to generate lots of very interesting, valuable and engaging contents for your e-magazine. Here are a few;

• Structured Interviews – We prepare a series of questions and deliver them to you and your team in advance of the interview so that you can prep and be ready with great answers. We also ask you to provide a few photos which will correspond to the interview questions. We do the interview by phone or on camera and capture the full back-and-forth discussion, capturing not only the wealth of knowledge you have on the topic, but we capture your passion for doing what you love. We then transcribe these interviews into documents and write additional content that weaves into the interview to give it greater context, depth correlation to your industry, current trends and issues that readers may experience on elements discussed.

The result? Sometimes it will be a written article with related photos that are placed within the article as single images and as slide shows. In some cases, it may be helpful to play and edited version of the interview audio as the sound on an e-mag page that simply shows a slide show with a small amount of article content. And in other cases, we may put an edited video version of the interview on the e-mag page with some of the most salient moments featured.

• Guided Conversations – With this method, we work with you and your team to develop a list of key points in a topic. We then record you telling us about these key points and convert this into an article, adding in photos that help bring the conversation into more complete focus.

• Slideshow Discussions – Here we use the two elements of audio commentary and interesting photos strung together. What the e-mag viewer experiences is a slideshow of images and corresponding audio commentary that tells a story of process, sequence or some purpose that improves their knowledge on a topic of interest.

• Products, Service & Process Research – We research your company’s products, services and processes and write an article to tell the story in ways that best project your value.

• Customer Testimonials – This is done just like the Structured Interview, but with your most satisfied customers. This kind of ‘third party endorsement’ article can be highly effective in appealing to other consumers who may be considering doing business with your company.

• Industry Expert Discussions – Here we discuss industry issues where your company is playing a role directly, indirectly or peripherally to broaden the article appeal from those who may like and know of your company, to those who may not know of your company, but have an interest in the industry topic – and by reading the article, learn about what you offer.