Marketing is intended to open your business to general and targeted markets. In order to make this work your marketing strategy is focused on the market channels that will apply your resources in the best way possible in order to deliver exceptional Return On Marketing Investment. Finding ways to reach your target, or even better…having them reach you, opens opportunities to increase sales in ways that make you more competitive. By adding an e-magazine to your plan you create an effective Push and Pull marketing process that effectively delivers your message while keeping it fresh, relevant and current through periodic issue releases. 

By working with Liquid Digital Studios to craft and distribute your e-magazine you present ‘your story’ in a compelling way that promotes loyalty. You see, by defining market based problems and then demonstrating their desired solutions your e-magazine can bring sales to your door. Add to that the inclusion of third party validation in your e-magazine, with exceptional media, supporting your solutions strengthen customer support, while confirming your corporate authenticity and integrity.

The e-magazine format is also a fantastic brand promotion medium capable of covering everything about your organization. It does this by engaging the standard marketing tools, like brand (logo) loyalty, product recognition, and market placement (locations and depth of reach), but also through advanced marketing features, like industry and customer interviews, testimonials, photo-linked demonstrations and unique connectivity. Your e-magazine can bring your customers in to express their satisfaction in articles with photo slideshows, or through audio tracks of the interview running as a sound bed, or even as full video interviews within the e-magazine pages. Your e-magazine subscribers relate to the people who are testifying about your company’s solutions and how they made a difference for them… bolstering your brand as a true value product line.

Another way that an e-magazine can help in your marketing is to place it on e-magazine stands allowing you to reach potential customers who don’t yet know of your company, its products, or your solutions.

On social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, you can run advertising campaigns that will reach segments of your market who will respond to adds about your solutions. Add to that the segment of your market who will respond to the offer of a free magazine, one focused on their area of interest … your solution offerings.