e-Magazines are a great way to deliver a series of related articles, slideshows, videos, and audio presentations. These media elements are meant to cover several important and interesting aspects of a related issue-set that is focused on information provided by you, the owner of the e-magazine. This offers a unique methodology for you to use in addressing problems while providing solutions and new opportunities to a well-defined segment of your market.

Here are just a few great examples of how business uses their e-magazine to meet market needs.

Product line introductions and highlights

Marketing strategies require that you reach the targeted segment through the use of channels that will engage and excite. Your e-magazine is able to use articles, slideshows and videos to demonstrate market problems and solutions in which you show product development, which creates an opportunity to (a) demonstrate unique value in customer problem solving, (b) show the quality of components to enhance durability messaging, (c) explain how ergonomic design is factored into your product to promote steady and health-conscious operation, (d) connect with your market through niche-access by detailing eco-friendly material selection and manufacturing process, and (e) user replaceable elements to promote a lower cost of ownership.

An effective e-magazine build can include a wide variety of elements including company articles, testimonials from satisfied customers, comparative product reviews, a question & answer section for questions collected by email, FAQs from social networks and other customer contact, how-to articles and videos that demystify operation for more complex products, historical review of both product development. It can also cover problems solved by your products from a particular product line, real-life stories of how these products were used to deliver dramatic results, and a behind-the curtain look at how the company is already working to solve what no one else has yet! All of these combine to produce an engaging e-magazine experience which will not only educate the reader, but establish your company and your e-magazine as ‘the resource of choice’ ...the one recommend to friends and colleagues.

This type of business e-magazine can be complemented with advertisements that promote and introduce other products in your product line or alternative lines not covered in this specific e-magazine issue.

Industry analysis

The e-magazine can use articles, slideshows and videos to highlight the state of your industry and how your solutions better strategically position your readers to advance their goals and be armed with information that helps them define their positions and defend them against those who intentionally or unintentionally seek to undermine them.

Your business e-magazine also benefits from the use of attributable content from other sources, sources that serve as third party validation for your company’s position on industry topics. Articles on symposiums, conferences, news events, legislation and industry trends can provide the sense that your company’s offerings are mindful of all aspects of the issues that impact your reader’s concerns. The e-magazine process provides a platform to show how your product fits in the market which helps to give your customers a sense that by reading your e-magazine they can be sure that they are ahead of the market in understanding issues and solutions, and secure in their choice to use your solutions.

The business e-magazine that focuses on industry analysis can be complemented with advertisements from corporate allies who’s products or services mesh well with your's without competing for your customers nor competing with other products offered by your business.

Social causes

Taking a social stance helps you to reach niche segments of your market, and the use of slideshows, videos, audio tracks and concept articles showcase your cause in ways that brings them home to the heart. In a printed magazine, articles can be gripping, moving, and steeped in human-interest...delivering your message of the human condition intended to evoke action from the reader. The e-magazine, with its familiar format, enhanced through the use of rich media, is even more capable of engaging your readers and prompting their action. It reaches your social net and influences them because they hear the voices and see & feel the emotions in inescapable, visually rich ways.

Social causes often have limited budgets and are therefore limited in how they can get their message out. The e-magazine provides an exceptional way to broadcast your message. Though new to the scene, it is effective because the e-magazine can be distributed (1) by email lists in a push approach...but can also be a pull, (2) by including the e-magazine web address in other printed material, and (3) by having friends and allies of the cause share this web address as well – reaching your channel with a modest, or even minimal distribution budget.

Social causes often collect lots of meaningful content that could be collectively assembled into a powerful message. How your message is presented makes the difference between compelling people to act or failing to draw support. Simply putting useful content on a website and then working to get site visitors will, at best, make some people aware of the cause. But because website updates aren’t predictably periodic they are not expected to offer new, related information to move the story along and engage the viewers meaningfully ‘again’. When compared to the e-magazine, websites for causes are at a significant disadvantage.

This e-magazine application can be complemented with advertisements from allied organizations who wish to publicly demonstrate their support for your cause. Advertisements and colaberations of this type support in a win-win methodology that show their support as a good corporate member of the community. Additionally, through e-magazine participation, advertisements can also serve as a direct means of providing financial support to the cause.