An e-magazine is a magazine that is hosted online, and therefore one that is greatly enhanced by an environment that allows it to use all aspects of digital media.

Its periodically released, just like a magazine, and its designed to be displayed and shared online, engaging both push and a pull concepts to expand its reach. Your e-magazine uses a broad range of digital media including video, audio, slideshows, rich media layouts, surveys & polls, user interactive media and more...all to connect with and engage readers in ways that no traditional magazine can. 

Benefiting from the familiar magazine format, your e-magazine provides an excellent medium for in-depth article content that integrates several media types to engage readers. The e-magazine takes the leap forward (leaving regular magazines behind) by bringing the content to life in ways that make the experience more fun and fulfilling, all of which ensures your e-magazine content is remembered, long after the paper journal is forgotten.

Because e-magazines are published periodically, integration strategies allow you to place your short term goals into play, and to evolve them over a reasonable period of time to meet the objectives of your business and marketing plans. The e-magazine becomes a dynamic portion of your online marketing channel, offering your marketing team the chance to build on previous releases, and linking back to reinforce your corporate story, as needed.

In fact, your e-magazine provides you with the chance to map out your step-by-step approach that takes advantage of the new paradigm of periodic issue releases. This means that your marketing process now has the ability to stack information over time, delivering advanced value and enhancing your ability to get the story out, the way you want it...timed to make a difference...on your terms, and aligned to the business plan crafted by your team to better assist your company in achieving projected outcomes.

Defining the target market and deciding (1) what about your company is best shared in many articles over time, (2) whether the seasons throughout the year are a deciding factor on what you should discuss in specific e-magazine issues, (3) whether product lines, lines of your business or categories of industry issues are how you will focus the periodic issues – these and more factors should be discussed relative to your strategic, business and marketing plans to ensure that your use of the e-magazine hews closely to your strategic goals, enhancing their effectiveness and best use of time and resources.