An e-magazine is a magazine that is hosted online, and therefore one that is greatly enhanced by an environment that allows it to use all aspects of digital media.

Its periodically released, just like a magazine, and its designed to be displayed and shared online, engaging both push and a pull concepts to expand its reach. Your e-magazine uses a broad range of digital media including video, audio, slideshows, rich media layouts, surveys & polls, user interactive media and more...all to connect with and engage readers in ways that no traditional magazine can. 

e-Magazines are a great way to deliver a series of related articles, slideshows, videos, and audio presentations. These media elements are meant to cover several important and interesting aspects of a related issue-set that is focused on information provided by you, the owner of the e-magazine. This offers a unique methodology for you to use in addressing problems while providing solutions and new opportunities to a well-defined segment of your market.

Websites are either a static series of web pages or dynamic, data-driven pages published to tell your story or to select information based on the viewer’s selections (ie. product catalogs). Websites can be very powerful and are truly considered an essential part of most businesses.

e-Magazines differ from websites in many ways. Their purpose and use, after all, is to share information that is of interest to their viewers and they differ in how viewers experience them, and in how they are expected to be updated.

Marketing is intended to open your business to general and targeted markets. In order to make this work your marketing strategy is focused on the market channels that will apply your resources in the best way possible in order to deliver exceptional Return On Marketing Investment. Finding ways to reach your target, or even better…having them reach you, opens opportunities to increase sales in ways that make you more competitive. By adding an e-magazine to your plan you create an effective Push and Pull marketing process that effectively delivers your message while keeping it fresh, relevant and current through periodic issue releases.