We have all experienced it; you visit a website just to find that it is flat, two dimensional…and though the owner wanted to create excitement, it leaves you feeling empty. At Liquid Digital Studios we understand the issue. The digital world demands the ability to interact and relate with the site in order to create a meaningful experience, one that will bring your customers back. 

Your site needs to clearly tell your story in a way that will reach and empower current and future customers by demonstrating the value of your products and their ability to meet their needs.

LDS websites use the visual medium to convey your concepts while capitalizing on concise content that will draw the visitor in, not chase them away. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and goals, and then focus on their intended market.

We engage rich-media to turn a 2-D flat screen display into a 3-D digital environment.

What is rich-media? It is a variety of techniques that engage your senses. It includes highly effective images that engage color, or lack of color, to capture their imagination. But it is also audio …voice or music… that expands the message, or video that adds motion to your story. It’s the ability to interact with your audience through com-links and surveys---or the creation of active morphing that takes our guests from what was, to what is…and ultimately to what could be as we change their perspective of your products and services and demonstrate the value of your solutions.