When developing web based programs, whether that’s a website to present your organization as an online business entity or a social media process to reach out to your target markets, Liquid Digital Studios guides our combined teams as we plan, develop, and deliver scheduled end products. As a business ourselves, we are sensitive to your organizational goals and objectives. We also understand the importance of resource management, and work to deliver your project on time and with the planned functionality.

Web based programs, however, should not be static in nature. They require updating to ensure that time sensitive material is in synch, and to provide fresh content that will keep your market interested and coming back for more. 

Once our coordinated development plan has been approved, Liquid Digital works to build and populate the project, providing an ease of navigation and efficient performance. LDS provides checkoff points throughout the process, to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce rework where adjustments may have been called for.

Though contracted maintenance is provided for some of our LDS clients, our preferred path is to prepare your organization to manage the processes you have chosen. As the project is finalized LDS provides training, often accompanied by video tutorials, to ensure that designated company representatives are prepared to execute updates, modifications, and maintenance for their online systems.  

This results in improved client understanding of their web based project, while ensuring positive content development and implementation along with effective resource allocation.