At Liquid Digital we know that your website is an active part of your marketing engine. If it goes passive
and falls out of date…it’s like going dark. We also understand the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in making your website performance sore. Content management is critical to bringing guests to your site, and ensuring that they come back time and again is part of your marketing process achieved through the creation of fresh, relevant content.

There are four specific elements that search engines look for when evaluating the value of a site and its placement in search engine findings. These are expertise, authority, trust (E-A-T) and maintenance. In fact these are the qualities Google presents in its Quality Rating Guidelines.

  • To demonstrate expertise, you publish comprehensive content about your topic.
  • To demonstrate authority, people share your content through links and link-less mentions. 
  • To demonstrate trust, you publish examples of your successful projects, client testimonials and reviews, and make your privacy and security statements clear. 
  • To demonstrate maintenance, you keep your content up to date and ever-relevant.

In working with our clients LDS promotes all four of these elements, and we help you to gain recognition through effective SEO management. In our high speed business world, however, we don’t always have a focus on our expenditure of time and resources, and once the website is up and running it is easy for it to fall through the cracks and not get the attention called for—that of keeping your content up to date and ever-relevant.