Social media can be overwhelming, and its expanding at an incredible rate with an increasing number of networks available doubling down on new features and capabilities. Even If you have a full-time team of social media experts at your disposal, your success still depends on creating a social-marketing strategy that fits your resources and goals. LDS helps our clients and partners to understand social media and to build an effecive stategy to promote your business in this evolving environment.

There are two issues here. The first is the question of what is Social Media, with a touch of how it works, and the second is what should be considered in crafting a Social Media Strategy for your organization.

Social Media is a rapidly growing element of the online experience, one in which actual members of different communities (local clubs to international movements) come together to participate in some way online. While this list of digital tools is expanding, some of the most recognized Social Media Sites are:

  • Facebook: informational site where you can do almost anything with your media to reach your market
  • Instagram: Photo and video site where you can tell your story
  • Pinterest: This is a board site where you can build interest elements for your followers and new viewers by delivering photos, videos, infographics…
  • Linked-In: This is a people to people site that can create bonds and network to improve business
  • Twitter: The Twitter collective allows users to rapidly connect, spread the word, tell the story with images, short videos, and marketing
  • YouTube: perhaps the best known for posted videos of all types, create a network channel for your operation, share videos from your events, work the worldwide market through YouTube
  • Google: Create a topic circle that allows you to share company philosophy and tell your story. Offers an expansive product release arena, notes on tech and troubleshooting…and more
  • Quora: Quora is a Q&A site that is also a great place to demonstrate Thought Leadership. 
  • and many more, like developed by a niche organization to create space for their members, clients, and participants in a useful online environment.

At Liquid Digital Studios we work with you to identify the Social Media channels that will best support your vision and goals.


Making this strategy work for you

John Wanamaker, a department store owner in the past, once said, “Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. While this is still true today…we build our Social Media strategy to help cut back on the waste, and to continue to track the results of our LDS programs.  

Social Media is proving to be a powerful part of eMarketing programs. It has broad reach, while offering a tight focus; and when properly executed it can provide a continuing string of analytics answering the questions your predetermined metrics call out.

There are several steps that we will work through with your team to create your strategy, the first is to properly define your market, and the relevant market segments that your products and services support. By sharpening the aim with the Social Media tools that reach the target we cut back on resource waste and get to the decision makers quicker.

Next we help to craft your story, setting it up to provide information in a way that will be positively received by your Social Media membership, and that will prompt them to take action on the opportunities you have provided to them online. Our goal is not to hard-sell our market, but to influence them to come to us as they pull your information and content for their use. The result of this process is the creation of trust, and the building of lasting relationships with improved business from the effort.

And finally we work to get your followers to spread the word. After all the best marketing is word of mouth and that is precisely why social media channels are so effective.