When surfing the Web we find that the most common business website concept is one that shows what your business or organization has to offer and encourages your visitors to buy. It is however very important to recognize that this does not address the full potential offered to by the web for your company. Liquid Digital Studios views your website as an extension of your business, not just a brochure, therefore we develop client solutions to improve business performance.  Here are a few of the website formats that we employ to meet that objective:

• Discussion Forum - This type of website provides logically aligned discussion areas on topics relevant to your products and services that help to expose customer problems, as well as their solutions. It provides a space for customers to share their experiences, interact with -- and help other customers, and to engage with your support staff. Because the discussions are threaded and persistent, new and returning customers who join later can simply search the forum in order to find detailed information and solutions on their own, which offers a time and cost reduction for your customer service department.

• Social NetworkConnecting to market segments, specific interests, and public groups is handled very effectively on the Social Network website.  It provides a space where relationships can be built and interactions can be accomplished, and it is well suited for your customers and/or the public at large to share experiences and ideas relevant to your market.  Additionally, it offers a space for shared photos and videos to further promote positions. Your business can harness this space to provide dedicated focus on specific products, services, events or opportunities, and network participants can form groups to really zoom in on niche topics. Through your Social Network you can focus on upcoming Events that will highlight special activities such as conferences, new product releases, or upcoming live streams where everyone in the social network can interact live on camera. You can also engage in more creative network activities like contests & competitions, or community sensitive projects. And, where appropriate, you can create revenue streams by notifying members of unique network opportunities and providing links to these special programs. 

• Web Portal – Best suited for the dynamic collection of information (news, research, articles, videos …) from other sources online, this type of site presents harvested facts in an ever-changing automated or curated display. Web Portals can work as an adjunct to a more traditional commercial website (or be wrapped within your main website) to give yet another reason for established customers and potential customers to visit your site.

• Virtual Store – In this format we layout our products in logical categories, mirroring departments and isles, in a familiar way that promotes presentation and sales, with wish-lists, upselling, and shopping carts folded in to increase productivity.

• Brochure – While this style of presentation often lacks dimension, it does have its place. It allows you to detail both problems and solutions that will create your connection to the ‘fact-driven’ consumers. Additionally, it provides you with a venue for technical information and specifications related to your products, including images and videos to flesh out your story. The Brochure format, when properly engaged, takes the customer to a deeper level by offering greater attention to product specifications, design influences and real-world applications to anchor their understanding and influence their’ decisions.