Why? Because expanding customer access through the borderless-web redefines the scope of your market.

Your business goals are set based on the combination of elements. First you define the needs and wants of consumers, then you define the products or services that will fill those needs and wants. With your business sketched out, you identify the specific market you want to target. In order to succeed, your organization needs to define resources, craft delivery and launch plans, and create access to the market channels you intend to engage.

By taking your real-world business to the web you make yourself more accessible to marketing channels and their intended markets. By taking this step you have redefined the fundamental elements of business, informed the world of your presence, and opened the door to growth.


As an example, if your real world business targets a local community of 3,000 customers and you offer a product that is valued and sought by 5% of your random market, you will attract 150 customers, on average, each month. Your goals for sales and growth are logically tempered by the understanding that your market scale is small.

However, if you take your business online marketing easily expands, say to an audience of 30,000 customers (or more), and with tailoring you can draw your targeted population from an even larger group by identifying the products and services that match their needs and wants. Your online process allows you to improve your product line, and offers valid options for advancing goals and objectives…and a better path for achieving greater success.

Putting your business online is not magic. It’s still real business. Growth opportunities expand as you move from your local focus to the borderless web and its ability to access customers around the world. Your offline business isn’t reduced by your online presence, and it surely doesn’t lead to ending your real-world, offline business. It means expanding your opportunities and your ability realize your dreams.