The web has been evolving now for decades, starting from a point where web pages were electronic brochures packed with text, but short on graphics and higher definition images. Establishing a web page caught on, many companies feeling that they needed to have a page just to keep up with the competition.

Liquid Digital Studios has been part of the web since early in its history. We have built a wide range of sites, and we realize that the web of today is “not your Grand-Dads web page!” In fact we view the online process as being much more than a page, or even a site…we view it as the establishment of a ‘web presence’. Its purpose is not to just to set up a corporate billboard, but to expand your business through the use of online technologies that will tell your story to your market, highlighting the performance of your products and services, as it effectively promotes sales locally, regionally, and beyond.

So, who needs to be on the web? We could say that all companies need to be online, but the truth is that many may only enter this environment to show the flag, even today. Organizations/companies that are aggressive and growth focused, however, need to be online to employ the power of effective online marketing tools.

These tools allow your organization to inform the market of your presence, discuss your philosophy for customer inclusion, and explore industry issues and solutions addressed by your products and services. They also provide data collection and meaningful analytics that will help you to understand your market position, and how to improve it.

What kinds of organizations need to be online? Simple, if you want to succeed your organization does.