Putting a business online is about engaging your business fundamentals and concepts so that they project effectively in the web environment. Our first step in crafting your web-presence calls for us to work closely with your team to understand your business goals and objectives.

As a result, Liquid Digital Studios doesn’t try to fit your business into a website; instead we fashion a website to bring your business into the digital arena, extending it to improve reach and promote growth.

Why? Because expanding customer access through the borderless-web redefines the scope of your market.

Your business goals are set based on the combination of elements. First you define the needs and wants of consumers, then you define the products or services that will fill those needs and wants. With your business sketched out, you identify the specific market you want to target. In order to succeed, your organization needs to define resources, craft delivery and launch plans, and create access to the market channels you intend to engage.

By taking your real-world business to the web you make yourself more accessible to marketing channels and their intended markets. By taking this step you have redefined the fundamental elements of business, informed the world of your presence, and opened the door to growth.

We have all experienced it; you visit a website just to find that it is flat, two dimensional…and though the owner wanted to create excitement, it leaves you feeling empty. At Liquid Digital Studios we understand the issue. The digital world demands the ability to interact and relate with the site in order to create a meaningful experience, one that will bring your customers back. 

When surfing the Web we find that the most common business website concept is one that shows what your business or organization has to offer and encourages your visitors to buy. It is however very important to recognize that this does not address the full potential offered to by the web for your company. Liquid Digital Studios views your website as an extension of your business, not just a brochure, therefore we develop client solutions to improve business performance.  Here are a few of the website formats that we employ to meet that objective: